New label from Miike Snow's Karlsson & Winnberg.

Liberator Black Label

Liberator wedge black labelSoft Core: Here’s where the magic happens. They call it Champagne Foam because it will fill you with heady notions. Carefully engineered to support two bodies in motion, this soft stabilizer makes the most advanced positions in the Kama Sutra look easy.The Wedge liberator and Ramp are made from a urethane foam […]

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Providing Your Supplement Under a private Label Settlement

How want to have an important name enterprise sell a person’s item under their label? It aren’t as hard just approve you think. While licensing is just a choice for brains and business men, landing this licensing promotions leftover elusive for some, yet confidential label arrangements is often circa when advantageous and are generally quantity […]

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Missguided; a funky fresh online label with an edge

Missguided is an exciting recently established online fashion label which aims to store fresh, instant clothing plus accessories to customers. The brand is always one step ahead and conscious regarding keeping up to date beside the latest trends and is building a solid reputation as a stylish retailer with a fabulous range on offer for […]

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RFID moves seamlessly into a sewn-on fashion label

The benefits of radio-frequency identification (RFID) in the apparel supply chain are well documented, cooperative to improve everything from inventory visibility to the prevention of theft. But now a new woven label takes this to the next, logical step by incorporating the technology seamlessly into a sewn-on brand label. The all-in-one solution has been developed […]

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What’s Good About Custom Label Bottled Water

A business organization can gain a lot by marketing its label with custom insignia bottled water. It is one of the most popular and effectual marketing tools being utilized by many business firms all clear the world. Since bottled water contains a lot of essential nutrients and is associated with numerous health benefits, it is […]

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