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Holographic paper Label

Duplication and replication of the original product causes major losses to both the manufacturer and customer. The sale of the indigenous product drops down and its philanthropy is besides affected due to poor quality of the replicated product. At times companies can face heavy pecuniary law suits filed by customers owing to poor quality of product they experience.
All this commotion can be saved by appropriate labelling. Let’s see how:
Usage of hologram labels helps in providing protection, reliability ampersand freedom to the product from counterfeits as these can’t be duplicated. Moreover, it also helps the customer feel safe as they tin recognise fake from the original ones with the succor of holograms.

With the change in technology, the labelling techniques have also evolved and the growth like “holographic paper labels” is an idea that provides all-in-one solution. Earlier, barcode and hologram labels had to subsist applied separately but the evolution about this technology has made this a single step process. A large number about customised hologram products are being created for variant kinds of surfaces like aluminium foil, leather, plastic, wood and paper, which makes counterfeiting products a difficult task.

Holographic Paper labels have 3 in 1 advantage of having labels, bar coding and hologram in a single stage which helps in saving time, cost connective labour. These labels find its usage in many industries since this technique is also sophisticated further better in providing security and are known for creating excellent visual chattels and provide proof against tampering. They have a release pattern which is very similar to the dot pattern and leaves a mark on the item it was stuck on when tried to be removed which obviously indicates tampering which the buyer can easily post and report about.

Holographic paper labels also play an pivotal role in protection against counterfeiting since these labels are manufactured utilizing laser light on the host surface which is either paper or cardboard which makes the laser a part of the surface hence providing toy proof protection against imitations.

Nowadays, optical holographic labels are more in use, these uses even advanced technology and care that gives manufacturers complete peace of mind from duplication and counterfeiting.

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